A Match Made In Heaven

Sometimes for something to work, to really come together, the stars need to align a little. Heated apparel is a steep mountain-face that’s defeated the research, development and investment of several large apparel brands without successfully captivating public interest. The challenges involved in producing comfortable, effective heated jackets would require a new approach and a revolutionary new heating system – Flexwarm®.

8K And Flexwarm®

Flexwarm® is flexible, heats the wearer evenly across active heating areas without cold spots and can reach 50°C (122°F) in only 360 seconds – significantly faster than carbon fibre. 8K integrate this revolutionary new technology into stylish, versatile apparel, seamlessly blending fashion and technology to create progressive outerwear that uses no down and no fur. Designed and created in Europe using soft, high quality fabrics, 8K Flexwarm® heated jackets and gilets have been developed to bring warmth, style and comfort to your everyday, whether you’re conquering the cold on your daily commute or hiking through hidden forests.

The Thirty-Eight Club

62% of people state that cold weather is the main barrier stopping them from exploring the great outdoors. We’re working towards reducing that number, but until we do you can join us in the 38%, because with 8K Flexwarm® you’re free to stay connected and wander the wilderness as your heart desires.

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