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Introduction to 8K Flexwarm

8K goes beyond the conventional, seamlessly blending fashion and technology to create stylish, versatile premium apparel.

Powered by ground breaking flexible heating technology Flexwarm, you can go anywear and do anything. Whether it is shifts in temperature, breezy autumn nights or frosty winter mornings, our range of clothing adapts to your lifestyle, so you can conquer the city streets, get lost in hidden forests or explore rugged terrains.

62% of people state that cold weather is the main barrier stopping them from exploring the great outdoors.

The innovative Flexwarm® heating technology eradicates those barriers by keeping you warm and comfortable no matter what the temperature.


8K Flexwarm is a registered trademark of Flexwarm Europe – led by CEO Scott Brenchley who has over 20 years’ experience in the technology sector and also founded the well-respected and highly successful Tactus, iOTA and 8K Xtreme brands.

Scott is responsible for driving the Flexwarm Europe ethos which focuses on creating exceptional, innovative wearables that are changing the face of the clothing industry.

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