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8k Flexwarm

8K partners with Flexwarm to deliver the industry’s most innovative and highest performance heated apparel. Flexwarm heating technology leads in industry providing durable, water-resistant and breathable heating technology. Flexwarm heated technology is printed and layered between the inner and outer layers of fabric to create our heating zones which are durable and washable.

Adaptive Sensor Technology

Adaptive Sensor Technology (AST) is one of our most significant features, while Carbon Fibre is unable to detect and control temperature accurately (as it has no sensors inside). Flexwarm® adapts to your environment. Ensuring that our apparel is always at the optimum level of warmth.

Adaptive Sensor Technology
  1. Water resistant fabric
  2. Cotton insulation first layer
  3. Flexwarm technology
  4. Cotton insulation second layer
  5. Breathable fabric
8k Range
Garments engineered with Flexwarm fabric are durably water-resistant and ultra-thin, combines with breathability. The 8K range maximises warmth and comfort for the wearer.
  • Can be washed up to 60 times
  • 1 heat zone in the back
  • 0-50C
  • Adaptive Sensor Technology

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