The Tech

The Flexwarm® technology is unlike any heating technology on earth. Over the last 5 years, our team has been researching and developing patented new technologies that have enabled us to create a completely unique, flexible heating element that is so thin (0.5mm) it can be printed directly onto fabric.

Because Flexwarm® can be printed, it can then be layered directly onto fabric which enables 8K Heated Apparel to be ultra-lightweight, durable and washable(without the need for adding additional heavy and bulky insulation materials).

We believe our technology is the future of smart wearables and has allowed us to create exquisitely designed and crafted outer wear that removes any barriers to the great outdoors – keeping you warm in any environment.

Hardware Details

1. Splash Resistant Fabric
2. Cotton Insulation
3. Flexwarm® Technology
4. Cotton Insulation
5. Breathable Fabric

Flexwarm® is Unlike Anything You Have Experienced Before

Manufactured to the highest standard, Flexwarm® pushes the boundaries of heated, wearable technology.

Flexwarm® rapidly heats to achieve your optimum temperature in seconds to create an omni-heating experience that has to be experienced to be believed.

The lightweight heating element is intrinsically printed and then layered between the inner and outer layers of fabric to create 3 fully controllable heating zones.

Flexwarm Vs Carbon Fibre

Compared to traditional Carbon Fibre heating technologies, Flexwarm is 50% more energy efficient. This means, the same battery can keep you warm all day.*

 Overall Assessment 
Heat SystemFlexwarmCarbon Fibre
Power InputUniversal 5V USB power bankTailor-made
7.4V battery
From 40˚C- 50˚C360 seconds
(around 6 mins)
1,335 seconds
(more than 22 mins)
Mobile Device AppIn-house app development team offer customised app for each customerNo app

*battery claims depend on heat level settings and Bluetooth connectivities

Guaranteed Durability

Our jackets are designed and developed to offer supreme comfort using the highest grade fabrics and materials to create products durable enough to withstand any weather conditions.

Controlled By The App

The easy to use app enables you to connect your phone to your jacket or gilet via Bluetooth and set your ideal  temperature.